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Aluminium Recycling
Why should we recycle aluminium cans?
Benefits of Aluminium Can Recycling
Fun Facts About Aluminium Can Recycling
Steel Cans Recycling
Fun Facts About Steel Can Recycling
Aluminium Recycling
Basically, an old aluminums cans are taken to an aluminums reclamation plant, there the cans are shredded into potato chip sized pieces and fed into melting furnace. Then, the molten aluminum is gradually hardened into rectangular slabs (igots) and then formed into thin sheets of aluminum. The metal from recycled aluminums cans is usually made into new aluminums cans. This is called closed-loop recycling due the old cans are turned into the same thing again. Do you know that aluminum beverage containers can be recycled into new cans and put back onto store shelves within 60 days, besides the factor “aluminum also can be recycled over and over again! It does not lose its quality, and recycling it saves energy every time.
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